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Foundry Green Sand Treatment

Foundry Green Sand Treatment

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As a green sand foundry, the common casting process is clay sand sand molding treatment.

What is sand treatment? Sand treatment is mainly for the sand casting process, it is mainly used for a set of equipment for the treatment and regeneration of foundry old sand to achieve recycling. Through the sand processing equipment, the used foundry sand can be reused after separation, screening, cooling and other processes; other sand processing equipment is sent to the molding station after a certain proportion of ingredients and mixing, so as to realize the online non-stop production of foundry sand. Use intermittently.

Simply speaking, the sand treatment system is mainly divided into used sand treatment system, batching system, sand mixing system, and sand supply system.

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If you want to know more details, please contact me, thank you.

WhatsApp: +86 156 7762 2049

E-mail: antonia@castingcc.com


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