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Zoomzu brand automatic flaskless molding machine features


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Guangdong Zoomzu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fully automatic horizontal parting flaskless molding machine and fully automatic molding production line. It integrates development, design, manufacture, and service. We can provide a professional casting styling solution for foundry enterprises and help foundry enterprises solve molding problems. 

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Zoomzu brand automatic flaskless molding machine features as below.

1)Zoomzu automatic molding machine adopts one-button operation, no need for professional workers. It only needs to press the pneumatic button once every complete styling (without the core working condition), if the workpiece is to be under the core, the program will automatically stop after the selection. After the lower core is completed, press the mold clamping button and the program is automatically completed.

2)Labor-saving: Workers change from labor-oriented to skilled workers, reducing a lot of physical effort. It also solves the problem of asking people to be difficult and asking for high expenses.

3)The equipment uses ordinary pulverized coal sand, clay sand, and red sand. The sand used in the general molding machine and the requirements on the sand are not high.

4) Template installation: Four screws are fixed and replaced within five minutes to accommodate frequent mold changes.

5) Mold hardness: The hardness of the mold can be adjusted freely according to the requirements of different castings. It is very convenient and quick to adjust several parameters, up to 85-90 degrees.

6) The height of the mold is adjustable, saving the sand: the upper and lower compacting plates are adjustable, resulting in different mold heights.

7) Accuracy: The shape and the fit are carried out in a uniform positioning template and sandbox system with high repeatability.

8)The mold quality is constant and uniform: the machine adopts high-precision mechanical positioning system, microcomputer, and position detection linkage. The whole modeling process is fully automatic control, without human interference, so the modeling quality is stable, uniform, efficient and reliable.

9) Safety protection: advanced light curtain protection to ensure the operator’s personal safety.

10) Time-saving: about 33 seconds per case, up to 100 cases per hour.

11) Horizontal classification, convenient for the core.

Zoomzu automatic molding machine production precautions:

1)Check the transfer records between employees before work

2)Check whether any objects fall into the machine, and clean the residual sand in the machine in time to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning due to blockage of each conveying link.

3)The operator should check the cleaning effect at any time. If there is any abnormality, stop it immediately and check the equipment as a whole.

4)Seals objects are checked daily for replacement and replaced immediately if damaged.

5)Before starting the machine, you must check whether the various switches of the control cabinet (panel) are in the required setting position (including each power switch) before starting the machine to avoid malfunction, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, and damage to the equipment.

6)Open the manual program and use the air gun to clean the sand and dust of the sand gate.

7)When the machine is off, the machine will be reset to the original point. The residual sand in the machine needs to be cleaned to ensure the normal operation of the next shift.

8)Check the moving parts of each electrical appliance before going to work to see if it is loose and tighten in time.

9)Regularly check the filling point of the boiling point to check whether the oil is in compliance with the regulations.

10)Timely replenishment of release agent.

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